About Us

Established in 2004, ‘Unitherm Heating Systems Limited’ is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading and most innovative companies for design and supply of high quality traditional and renewable heating system solutions. With offices in Dublin and Galway and a team of fully-qualified engineers with many years’ experience designing heating systems, Unitherm Heating Systems provides confidence in design.

Unitherm Heating Systems are renowned for providing high-quality, fully integrated heating system solutions for domestic and commercial projects for over 15 years. Representing many top European manufacturers, we have consistently been at the forefront by introducing new & innovative products and systems to the market. For all applications, Unitherm will provide initial system sizing and design of the complete heating system (whether underfloor heating, low temperature aluminium radiators or fan coils), while also selecting the most suitable heatpump model to best suit the project.

Unitherm also provide introductory & advanced training courses for installers on the mechanical installation, wiring installation and integration of a heat pump into a heating system. 
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Our Mission 

Is to create a healthy, sustainable living environment by promoting more efficient heating systems using renewable energy sources. As a consequence this helps us to reduce carbon emissions which, in Ireland, is still the third highest in the EU. We are also committed to ensuring the homeowner is offered the best possible heating solution that meets their needs.

We maintain a friendly, fair and creative work environment that encourages new ideas, respects diversity and hard work. We value the time, skills, expert opinions and dedication of all our team and we will continue to offer excellence and leadership in our field.


At Unitherm, we know every project is different, which is why every project should be treated differently.


Our team leave nothing to chance when designing your system. We don't believe in estimating, so our engineers fully design your system at quotation stage specifically to your individual needs, which means you are guaranteed a design that after installation, just works, perfectly.

We crunch the numbers, which is why we can stand over every system we supply.

Our complete system supply approach guarantees that nothing gets left out and that everything works as it is designed to. Giving you peace of mind now and into the future.

You can rest assured that our comprehensive knowledge and wealth of experience with renewable energy systems ensures you are always ahead of the game when it comes to technology.

Unitherm only works with reputable and carefully selected industry leading suppliers to bring you the best CE marked products.


All of our Commissioning Engineers are fully trained with every aspect of our heat pump systems. They have an in depth knowledge of each of system ensuring your setup goes smoothly. After their final inspection, they can guide you through your system before handover.

Once everything is setup, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the warmth.

Prior to and during your installation process, our experienced engineers are always there to answer any questions you or your installer may have. You will have a dedicated contact from the beginning of your installation to the handover. 


We keep a record of your system designs so we can help you better when you need us. All our Heat Pump Systems come with a 5 year warranty as standard.


For that extra peace of mind, we offer all our customers the option of our Unitherm Care Plan for the life of your system. Our team are here to support you now and into the future.