The Comfortzone EX35, EX55 and EX65 models encorporate the future of home heating and ventilation in the Irish market. As Irish homes become more air tight and energy efficient exhaust air heat pumps are increasingly becoming the best solution for many homeowners. With sleek Swedish styling and a footprint of only 600mm x 600mm, the Comfortzone Exhaust air heat pump will look the part in any home.

The Comfortzone EX35-65 range is designed to have a heating capacity of 3.5kW, 5.5kW and 6.5kW making it suitable for both smaller apartments and airtight houses up to 250m2.

All models boast staggering COP's as the unit is reusing the heat already produced in the home. 

With a built-in domestic hot water tank of 170L, backup heater and user friendly controls, Comfortzone makes easy work of heating both home and all hot water needs up to 60°c. 

Installation is made very simple for both heating and ventilation with Unitherms complete and concise system design and supply ethos. 

The Comfortzone can be connected to both Underfloor heating or radiators designed for lower energy efficient temperatures. 

ComfortZone's new heat pump provides 210 liters of hot water in addition to normal house heating and also provides comfort cooling. Adapted for new construction of detached houses with approx. 120-180 m2 living space. Requires accessory T15 to provide cooling function.

Supply air unit ComfortZone T15 is intended for cooling / heating and distribution of supply air in houses with water-based heating systems.