Heat Recovery with Exceptional Air Quality

"Modern buildings comply with the highest energy standards and are therefore virtually airtight. This is why humidity, carbon dioxide and bad odours can no longer escape. In this case, a permanently installed ventilation system provides ideal air exchange - both in winter and in summer. The system referred to as heat recovery ventilation uses pipes to remove used air while supplying the rooms with fresh, filtered outdoor air at the same time. FRÄNKISCHE's system for heat recovery ventilation is termed profi-air."


Heat recovery ventilation is far more than just creating a sound room climate. Since healthy ventilation of a building ensures stable value of the entire property: heat recovery ventilation maintains the structural fabric and therefore the resale value of the building by preventing humidity-related damage and mold growth.

At the same time, heat recovery ventilation reduces heating requirements since less energy escapes through manual airing. Filtered air adjusted to a pleasant temperature ensures a healthy and comfortable climate in all rooms.

Advantages of Heat Recovery Ventilation

  • Building protection

  • Energy savings / Higher energy efficiency

  • Climate of well-being

  • Health protection

  • Increase in resale value

  • Hygienically sound

profi-air® 250/400 touch ventilation units

The two profi-air 250 touch and profi-air 400 touch ventilation units are suited for wall and floor installation in single- and two-family homes. profi-air 250/400 touch ventilation units focus on superior user-friendliness. A touch screen on the ventilation unit can be used to easily control heat recovery ventilation. A LAN interface allows the system to be operated using smartphones and tablets.

profi-air® pipe system for heat recovery ventilation

Profi-air is our complete system for heat recovery ventilation and it is suited for all installation situations in both new and existing buildings.


Due to the flow-optimised inner surface of the profi-air ventilation pipes, the air flows through the ventilation system with particularly little noise and resistance, which significantly reduces the total energy requirement.


In addition, antistatic and antibacterial agents make the products absolutely sterile.


profi-air® classic ventilation pipe

The profi-air classic ventilation pipe is ideal for installation in bare concrete. Thanks to its flexibility, no additional fittings are required even with very narrow bend radii.


Depending on the dimensions, the profi-air classic round pipe is also suitable for installation in walls and ceilings.

profi-air® tunnel ventilation pipe

Thanks to its extremely low installation height of only 52 mm, the profi-air tunnel ventilation pipe is ideally suited for installation on bare concrete.


The flat pipe can also be perfectly installed in a wall or on the ceiling.


How it works

Underfloor heating works by passing warm water, at up to 35 degrees in temperature, through special underfloor piping which gradually heats up the floor slab. The slab acts as a thermal mass, radiating this heat into the home in an even manner.


Fully zoned underfloor heating takes advantage of a manifold system and allows for each zone to be heated independently. The advantage of a manifold system is that you only heat the rooms that need it and don't waste energy. 


Designer grills & vents

starline is FRÄNKISCHE's design grill collection for heat recovery ventilation. The exclusive ventilation grills, also termed ventilation valves or ventilation orifices, have been created by sieger design and are available in 20 modern designs. They add an individual touch to each room thus matching any interior style. Change of design is possible at any time.

The exquisite design grills provide the proper accent and perfect “finish” for heat recovery ventilation. You can decide individually which grill complements the interior style of the respective room best. Be creative: the playful FLORA grill for your living room, the stylish SHAPE STYLE glass grill for your modern kitchen and the classic LINE stainless steel grill for your study. The starline grills are both stylish and easy to install.

Installers only need three simple steps to install the grills without the use of tools – the easy and time-saving installation will convince you. A wide variety of 20 different design grill variants adds an individual touch to each room. Thanks to the sophisticated profi-air series, the ventilation unit, the piping system and the ventilation grill form a true single-source concept in terms of quality and functionality.

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