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Heat Pumps

Air to Water Heat Pumps

One of the most popular heat pump types on the market, Unitherm has a wide and diverse range of Air to Water Heat Pumps to suit every need. Our design team have pioneered a complete system solution from conception to commissioning, working closely with engineers, architects and installers. With each project we size the correct heat pump for the dwelling. This ensures the heat load is covered whether the dwelling in a well insulated new build or a retrofit.

These are heat pumps that provide heating by moving thermal energy from outside air to the inside air. Outdoor air is a universal heat source and sink medium for heat pumps and is widely utilised in residential systems. Older gas and oil-fired boilers waste energy and are costly to run, because of the amount of fuel they need to maintain comfort levels and hot water.Reduce your energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions with a Unitherm supplied heat pump today.

Other Brands Available:   Hitachi   |   Daikin

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As a leading global HVAC supplier, LG’s heating product portfolio comprises a wide range of highly energy efficient renewable energy systems, providing the right heating solution for any application and requirement. THERMA V is LG’s Air to Water Heat Pump system, especially designed for new housing and renovation by LG’s advanced heating technology team.

LG’s THERMA V heat pump range can supply heating through various heat emitter types (under floor heating – radiators – water fan coil units) while also providing all your domestic hot water requirements. LG heating products provide a greener and more energy efficient heating solution for your home, and office through continuous research and development of green energy technologies such as R32 refrigerant AWHP and R1 scroll compressor.

Unitherm is the exclusive supplier of LG Heat Pump products in Ireland.

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Monobloc HM161M.U33
LG R32 Monobloc

The LG Therma V Monobloc combines cutting-edge heat pump technology with an easy-to-use controller, producing one of the highest performing heat pumps available on the market today. With its all-in-one concept and excellent performance at high flow temperatures, the Therma V is perfectly suited for new-builds and retrofits alike. It is designed with an ocean black-fin coating as standard, making this unit an excellent choice for coastal locations. The all in one structure removes the need for refrigerant pipework on site while also incorporating LG’s new revolutionary R1 scroll compressor. This compressor is a more advanced compressor than a conventional scroll compressor, which results in a more reliable operation, with lower noise levels and higher efficiencies. Combined with LG’s pressure control technology Therma V provides stable heating capacity at low temperature and reaches target performance quickly. Providing customers with energy savings, perfect comfort, easy controls, great services and a reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, the standard controller can be connected with various smart control solutions such as LG SmartThinQ. Available from 5kW to 16kW in heating capacity.

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LG Therma V R32 Monobloc Video

LG Therma V R32 Monobloc Installation Guide Step 1 – Unit & Piping Installation

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LG HydroSplit
LG R32 HydroSplit

With innovation and safety in mind, the LG Therma V Hydrosplit separates the Indoor unit (IDU) and outdoor unit (ODU), connecting them through water pipes. The unit’s heat exchanger is located within the ODU, reducing the risk of indoor refrigerant leakage. Quick and easy installation is made possible by the IDU’s built-in hydronic components such as water pump, expansion tank, and air vent as well as the fact that the electric wiring can be done in the same space as the IDU.

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LG Therma R32 Hydrosplit Video