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Aluminium radiators are an elegant radiator solution that are suitable for both traditional and low temperature heating systems, particularly those powered by renewable energy sources such as air to water or ground source heat pumps. Thanks to their low water content, your system will respond with maximum speed, minimising temperature fluctuations and increasing thermal comfort in your home.

At Unitherm we are proud to supply the Sira range of aluminium radiators. Sira’s range of Die Cast aluminium radiators are manufactured using the most modern techniques of aluminium die-casting to produce exceptional performance. Harmonious and innovative, Sira® modular diecast aluminium radiators have been designed to combine beauty, performance, energy savings and superior indoor comfort. Their design, nicely curved, has been conceived in the total absence of sharp edges, so it is suitable for any type of installation public and private. Sira’s attention to detail, high degree of finishing and craftsmanship used one of the very best aluminium radiators available on the market today. Sira® Die Cast® Aluminium radiators come with a 15- year warranty demonstrating their confidence in their quality.

Other Brands Available:  Airfel (Steel Panel)

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Sira Group was founded on the extraordinary insights, values and principles of its founder, a tenacious and gifted man who managed to combine the consistency of his beliefs with the many radical changes he faced in over 60 years of work experience, all thanks to the strength of his ideas and dedication to the job. It is this lesson that today continues to constitute the backbone of the group: a shared heritage of life, values, work and ethics.

The group was officially founded in 1959, starting with the first foundry producing aluminium alloys, bronze and brass, but the turning-point of the company occurred with the development of the revolutionary worldwide patented aluminium radiator in 1961. This technology, developed completely inside the company, improved over the years and started to replace old and traditional cast iron radiators. This patent has proved to be an extraordinary innovation and a real milestone in the field of home heating.

Sira® products are designed and manufactured with a special focus on environmental issues: the whole production process adopts special measures to reduce exhaust emissions, especially during the phase of painting, which completely eliminates the emission of polluting substances. Each production process, equipped with as many as 14 QCS (Quality Control Step), is subject to strict quality controls. Sira® products are manufactured using the most modern techniques to provide best performances with the lowest power consumption. Elegance, versatility, safety, power and environmental comfort are just some of the main qualities that the Sira range of Aluminium radiators possess.

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