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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating – the undisputed King of heating systems – works differently to conventional radiator systems. Radiator systems transfer their energy through a process called convection-radiators was a bad name to give them to be fair they should have been called convectors. Convection – think of it as recirculation – occurs when currents of warm air are pushed up due to colder more dense air falling downwards towards the floor of our homes. The warm air rising from our radiators bounces off our ceilings, and is forced downwards as it cools, creating a looping or mixing current in the air stream. This has the added disadvantage of circulating dust particles and microorganisms.

Underfloor heating however transfers its’s heat through a process called radiation, the opposite heat cycle to that of conventional radiator systems – we know, confusing, right! This means the room temperature can be reduced by about 2-3 degrees, because a human body is able to assimilate the radiant heat directly. Underfloor heating heats the whole floor area, resulting in warm feet, even room temperatures and a healthier, happier home. Due to the radiant nature of underfloor heating it can be ran at lower flow temperatures (30oC-40oC) in comparison to radiator systems (50oC- 70oC), making it not only a better performing system from a comfort perspective but also significantly cheaper to run. Such low flow temperatures make underfloor heating an ideal choice to use in conjunction with an air to water heat pump.

As one of Ireland’s longest serving designers and suppliers of underfloor heating systems, Unitherm have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your underfloor heating system will provide your home with the highest possible levels of thermal comfort.

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Fränkische, established in 1906, is an innovative, growth oriented German company, and an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of technically superior building technologies, including heat recovery ventilation systems, corrugated pipe systems for drainage, electrical conduits, and heating and domestic water distribution systems. Unitherm are extremely proud of our partnership with Fränkische, a company with a focus on superior quality and performance. Fränkische – Your partner for sophisticated and technologically advanced solutions.


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