Unitherm have a wide and diverse range of Air to Water heat pumps to offer for every situation. The design team have pioneered a complete system solution from conception to commissioning, working closely with engineers, architects and installers to ensure the optimal solution is achieved for each projects demands. Unitherm continues to grow its wide network of trained heat pump installers to ensure a quality and dependable finish is achieved.  

Unitherm partnered with Comfortzone in 2018 to provide Ireland with the most efficient Exhaust Air Heat Pump solution that is both capable of heating and cooling on the market. 

The Comfortzone Exhaust Air Heat Pumps also have the flexibility of offering full mechanical ventilation for both apartments and houses.

Born in Sweden, Comfortzone have been manufacturing and supplying Exhaust Air Heatpumps throughout Europe since 2008.  

The basic principle of an exhaust air heat pump is that The energy in the warm indoor air is recycled and sent back to the house via underfloor or radiator heat. ComfortZone fan extracts heat from the air from all the wet rooms in the house. The air then passes through the heat pump, where the heat is recycled, is exchanged in temperature and sent back to the house as water-based heat. A by product of the process is cooled ventilation of -15 degrees which can be expelled through a cold vent to outside, and fresh
indoor air taken into the house via wall or window vents.
The user simply sets the desired temperature and the heat pump will handle the rest, regardless of outdoor temperature.

"Modern buildings comply with the highest energy standards and are therefore virtually airtight. This is why humidity, carbon dioxide and bad odours can no longer escape. In this case, a permanently installed ventilation system provides ideal air exchange - both in winter and in summer. The system referred to as heat recovery ventilation uses pipes to remove used air while supplying the rooms with fresh, filtered outdoor air at the same time. FRÄNKISCHE's system for heat recovery ventilation is termed profi-air."


Heat recovery ventilation is far more than just creating a sound room climate. Since healthy ventilation of a building ensures stable value of the entire property: heat recovery ventilation maintains the structural fabric and therefore the resale value of the building by preventing humidity-related damage and mold growth.

At the same time, heat recovery ventilation reduces heating requirements since less energy escapes through manual airing. Filtered air adjusted to a pleasant temperature ensures a healthy and comfortable climate in all rooms.